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The Inner Sanctum

Create a refuge to wash the day away

Levoir Bath Collection by Brizo

The Levoir Bath Collection by Brizo is inspired by the sleek lines of classic British car design. Calling on signature elements of midcentury design, the rounded geometries and slender forms eliminate weight and mass, while still feeling substantial and luxurious. The collection comes in various finishes like Brilliance Luxe Gold, shown here.

In the most personal room in the house, the details—faucets, finishes, lighting, tiles—can be the difference between a spa-like sanctuary and a cold, utilitarian, and uninspiring space.

With a growing desire for wellness and relaxation, the bath is the place to rest, recharge, and rejuvenate, and its decor should reflect that premise.

Mood lighting, night lights, deep soaking tubs with lumbar support, elegant, artisanal finishes, hand painted, graphic patterns and textured materials are just some of the ways to create a personalized oasis of well-being in the bath.

Just as in the rest of the home, the bath should be designed for the way you live. If soaking in the tub after work is your style, then a freestanding tub with a view might be in order. If you daydream about a spa in an exotic location, a multiple head shower and jewel-toned tiles might be just the thing.

Luxury is key in the bath. Statement pieces including room-enhancing sinks, moody-hued accent walls, and faucets in beautiful metal finishes are all ways to add the perfect vibe.

As the notion of what a bath should be has evolved, design has become highly individual. Ultimately, true luxury is defined by the ability to indulge in what works best for you.

MOD+ Collection from GRAFF

The new MOD+ Collection from GRAFF comes in multiple finishes, including the of-the-moment architectural white shown above. The handles feature Tuscan marble in three different colors on brass bases with tactile knurling.

GRAFF’s Harley collection

GRAFF’s Harley collection is inspired by the classic American motorcycle, and comes in finishes such as the elegant Onyx, shown here.

master bath by Hilary Bailes

In a master bath by Hilary Bailes, a freestanding tub by Victoria + Albert (House of Rohl Studio) looks out on a lush garden. The small space is artfully designed, with tile by Porcelanosa and glossy white finishes on cabinets and surfaces. Brass fixtures by House of Rohl Studio add a touch of old world elegance.

Magnificent Mile pied-a-terre by Suzanne Lovell

In a Magnificent Mile pied-a-terre by Suzanne Lovell, a rich, warm palette soothes after the hustle and bustle of city life. In the master bath (above), Ocean and Hlila Travertine by Artistic Tile and contrasting chrome fixtures from the Flyte collection by Waterworks help to define this spa-like space. The neutral tones are soothing to the eye, and the surface textures and natural striations create visual interest.

The Pescadero freestanding tub

The Pescadero freestanding tub by Victoria + Albert (House of Rohl Studio), is part of their ENGLISHCAST collection of customizable tubs and basins. Customers can choose from a palette of 194 colors in gloss or matte finishes, including rich purples, sunny yellows, and brilliant blues.