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Architectural interior designer Ben Pentreath creates a joyously colorful collection with Morris & Co.

In a new collaboration, architectural interior designer Ben Pentreath dives into the Morris & Co. archive to create the Queen Square Collection, named after the road that first housed the venerable brand’s factory and showroom. Featuring original designs across 18 fabrics and 18 wallpapers, Queen Square is filled with nostalgic familiarity. The collection celebrates the simple things; an ethos shared by William Morris, who had a great appreciation for the beauty of the English countryside. This collection showcases the longevity of expertly crafted design, and celebrates the creativity of the Arts and Crafts movement. Pentreath explains, “I’ve always loved the designs of William Morris, and we’ve used his timeless papers and fabrics in many of our decoration projects over the years. So it was a wonderful experience to be let loose in the Morris & Co. archive: we’ve taken many original patterns and recolored them to cast his designs in a completely new light.” Through Zoffany.