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Child’s Play

Designing for the littlest family members means creating spaces that can transition from infancy to young adult

Designing for families with children means creating rooms that not only appeal to tiny humans, but that are multi-functional, layered, durable, and fit with the aesthetic of the rest of the home. It can be a tall order to design for the smallest among us.

From playrooms to cozy nooks to nurseries, these rooms are filled with beautiful design elements but mixed with fun touches that can be adapted as a child leaves rocking horses and blocks behind and turns their attention to drum kits, sleepovers, and reading romantic English novels.

Accessories like pillows, rugs, and furnishings can add cheerful elements and are easily be switched out when the young occupant grows tired of the decor. No need to be limited to children’s collections when there is a whole world of design available to create fantasy spaces.

Just because it’s a room for a child doesn’t mean it should be all primary colors and cartoon characters. Deep colors, sophisticated motifs, and luxurious textures are perfectly at home in everything from the nursery to a quiet corner for studying.