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The Four Best New Design Collaborations From Schumacher

Teaming with dynamic designers brings fresh to ideas to the decor powerhouse.

Interested in a new design collaboration from Schumacher? We’ve got them here to bring exciting pattern and vibrant color into your life.

Cristina Buckley’s Design Collaboration Gives a Modernist Wink

Dawnridge Peacock Design Collaboration by Cristina Buckley for Schumacher

Dawnridge in Peacock by Cristina Buckley for Schumacher

“My work celebrates color and the power of décor to create a mood and express one’s personality,” says Cristina Buckley. She started off her career as a set designer for both television and films. So she innately understands the effect of boldly unexpected but completely enchanting design. Indeed, it inspires a sense of playfulness and relaxation for guests and homeowners alike. Accordingly, as Design Director at Schumacher, she strikes a balance between vibrant colors with classic motifs. But she always does it with a cheeky, modernist wink. For example, their collections have clever names like ‘Wild at Heart’ and ‘Fancy Beast.’ What interior designer wouldn’t be curious to sneak a peek?

Caroline Z Hurley Offers a Handmade Design Collaboration

Sepiessa in Yellow by Caroline Hurley for Schumacher

Sepiessa in Yellow by Caroline Hurley for Schumacher

Caroline Hurley’s collaboration with Schumacher will appeal to everyone’s inner artist. This is because her patterns feature large paintbrush-esque swaths of bright color across muted backgrounds. Thus, they’re simultaneously loud while still feeling quiet. And if her line evidences a handmade quality, that’s because it is. It’s handmade via block printing performed by a small team of artisans in Massachusetts. Hurley draws inspiration from her travels—particularly to Mexico. She is further inspired by her active meditation practice. So perhaps it’s no surprise that her work reverberates with beautiful simplicity. “I truly believe that where your home is where you center yourself. It is the most important thing in the world,” she says. “It’s that grounding that enables true adventure.”

Liz Nielsen for Peg Norris Serves Paper with Emotion

Agave Stripe in Lanai, Peg Noriss x Liz Nielsen for Schumacher

Agave Stripe in Lanai, Peg Norriss x Liz Nielsen for Schumacher

It’s colorful, delightful, lively, and just plain happy. If wallpaper can contain feelings, those are the ones throughout artist Liz Nielson’s collection for Peg Norriss for Schumacher. It might be impossible to look at one of Nielson’s nature-inspired designs and not feel a shift in mood. The richly multicolored Botanicals are uplifting. There’s joy in the cheerfully pale-yellow Topiary Marigold and delight in the dancing turquoise-navy-emerald shades in Agave Stripe Lanai. The patterns also capture movement and dynamic colors. Nevertheless, they’re also calming rather than overwhelming. This is thanks to the generous white spacing surrounding each flower or natural element.

Margeaux Reimagines Classic Styles for the Modern Woman

Margeaux x Schumacher

Margeaux x Schumacher

Shoe courtier Margaux are famed for their classic styles reimagined as modern staples. Their pieces are comfortable, elevated and cast chic silhouettes. Margaux has teamed up with Schumacher to produce a limited-edition line of footwear cloaked in iconic Schumacher patterns. The footwear range is composed of five must-haves. These include a ballet flat, a Mary Jane, a traditional mule and a ballet mule, and a heeled sandal. Each is available in a variety of colors and distinctive patterns. For example, the impossibly elegant mule is designed to elongate and flatter. Meanwhile, the oversized bows add a punch of personality to the saturated suede or velvet base. This celebrated collaboration brings together two brands reimagining timeless styles for modern women. And they’re doing it without compromising one bit of charm or elegance.

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Written by Kaitlin Clark

Photography courtesy the respective brands.