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Of All Stripes

Hotelier Liz Lambert and luxury performance textile brand Perennials team up to create the Perennials by Far West collection.

Campo Stripe pillows in various colorways and Playa Stripe flatwoven rug in Cosmico

In an exciting new collaboration, Texas-based hotelier Liz Lambert and industry-leading textile brand Perennials have introduced a vibrant collection of performance fabrics, all centered upon an ever-enduring designer favorite—the stripe. In a kaleidoscope of colors, each design feels fresh and unexpected, and surprisingly transportive.

Serape Stripe pillows in Palo Verde and Playa Stripe flatwoven rug in Azul

“The collection of stripes was inspired by many things coming together: By a lifetime of traveling throughout the Southwest, by saddle blankets, by the colorful heavy sweaters known as Baja hoodies, by the finely woven serapes worn by vaqueros, and a variety of fabrics and swatches I’ve collected over the years,” explains Liz Lambert, partner, MML Hospitality and Lambert McGuire Design.

Campo Stripe pillows in Sombra and Azul and Serape Stripe pillow in Palo Verde

The new collection called Perennials by Far West is made up of 100% solution-dyed acrylic fabrics in five designs. Highlights include the Serape Stripe, a multihued stripe inspired by vintage serape blankets; Baja Stripe, a highly textured ombré stripe; and the Campo Stripe, a dimensional horizontal stripe in four striking colorways. Perennials by Far West also includes a new flatwoven rug design, Playa Stripe, tailored to outdoor use.

Serape Stripe pillows in Agua Fresca and Playa Stripe flatwoven rug in Cosmico

Though largely inspired by Lambert’s life and travels between Texas and Mexico, the designs have a versatility of their own. “I don’t think they always have to be in a Southwestern setting. You can use those wonderful big, thick stripes in the South of France and all over the world,” says Ann Sutherland, founder and chief creative director, Perennials. The design applications are endless too. “I never think that a stripe is limited,” Sutherland continues. “I think you can use them on walls, ceilings, drapery, and furniture and then even down to your toss pillows.” With such a broad design range, the new Perennials by Far West collection will find a home in an array of extraordinary places.

Baja Stripe lounge cushions in Azul and Serape Stripe beach balls in Sol