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Vibrant Patterns Born from Nature and Imagination

Schumacher and artist Abel Macias team up to create a magical new collection.

Forest Hills Panel in Sunset

The historic design house Schumacher and Los Angeles-based artist, illustrator, and designer Abel Macias have brought to life a new line of wallpapers and fabric—all born of a vibrant imagination and genuine love of the natural world.

The partnership came about in the most modern of ways. Fortuitously, Timur Yumusaklar, president and CEO of F. Schumacher & Co., came upon Macias’s work on Instagram and was struck by what he saw. “I found Abel’s work fresh—an unbound style that is very artistic and non-confined,” says Yumusaklar.

Canopy Wallpaper in Multi Birds

The two soon teamed up to create a collection inspired by Macias’s own hand-painted art. Macias designed a range of five exuberant patterns in rich, saturated colors all featured on both single- and multi-panel wallpapers and one printed linen fabric. Designed to wrap an entire room or use on a single focal wall, each wallpaper celebrates a world of flora and fauna that includes a stylized desertscape, an abstract forest, and a bevy of colorful birds.

Desertscape Panel in Prismatic

“One of the best things about living in Los Angeles is the proximity to such a variety of wildlife and landscapes. There’s so much beauty and inspiration to take from a trip to the desert or the mountains and ocean. This entire collection is a little part of each of those places,” says Macias.

Terra Panel in Canyon

Each design in the collection was painted large scale on panels in Macias’s studio and then photographed to capture every detail of the paint on the surface. Visible brushstrokes give the wallpaper a painterly, handcrafted look—as if the artist had just dropped the brush.

“Schumacher worked hard to make these wallpapers look beautiful and artistic,” says Macias. “I’m very excited about how they came out.”

Palmitas Wallpaper in Bahama